The World Center for Anti-Aging Medicine
The World Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine:
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine's Center of Excellence for State-of-the-Art Age Reversal

World Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative MedicineAs the natural and next progression in anti-aging medicine, the A4M establishes a Center of Excellence to foster medical innovations relating to enhancement and/or extension of the healthy human lifespan. Functioning as a  world-class, university affiliated research and treatment facility unique in its focus on the investigation and application of diagnostic and treatment protocols that extend the length, and enhance the quality, of the human lifespan, The World Center for Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine unites the world's top physicians under the umbrella of a new hospital medical resort complex, to which patients will return annually to undergo a comprehensive and personalized program of rejuvenative and restorative longevity therapies."

The World Center is uniquely positioned as the crown jewel of the entire anti-aging medical movement.  As the leading international facility established to realize effective interventions that alter the detrimental course and impact of the degenerative diseases of human aging, The World Center is a state-of-the art facility at which the greatest contemporary scientific minds will conduct studies to discover the secrets of aging and devise novel, effective interventions to prolong quality and quantity of life.

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